Our Story

It all started while Josh was working as a health educator at the MGH Charlestown Healthcare Center. He kept hearing from his families that it was difficult to shop for healthy food — at that time, the only grocery store in the neighborhood was shutting down for a year-long renovation. The health center had no way of solving for the fact that patients didn’t have access to the food they needed to stay healthy. It was this experience that inspired Fresh truck to rethink the traditional grocery store model, make it mobile and bring food closer to the people that need it the most.


Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate and creative problem-solvers determined to improve community health.

Seana Weaver
Executive Director

Seana schedules her days around what and when she is going to eat. She believes everyone has a right to fresh, healthy food and that food fuels what matters. At About Fresh, Seana spends her time project planning and guiding the Fresh Truck team through strategic improvement and expansion of programming. When she’s not finding the perfect place to put pineapples on a truck, Seana runs marathons and enjoys sitting around the dinner table for hours, eating and talking with friends and family.

Skylar Brown
Development Manager

Skylar believes that food is more than fuel; it's a common ground for cultural identities, shared experiences, and moments of joy. As Development Coordinator, her work involves donor outreach, researching prospective funders, writing grant proposals, and supporting event coordination. In her free time, you can find her experimenting with vegetarian recipes or analyzing bad reality TV.

Francelino Marime
Director of Operations

Francelino believes in the benefits of serving Boston communities by giving shoppers the opportunity to eat healthy at a low cost. Every day he makes sure all Fresh Truck mobile markets are running on-time and fully stocked with the best produce available for our shoppers to enjoy. When he's not taking school buses for maintenance, he plays guitar and listens to great jazz music.

Victor Matta
Online Retail Manager

Victor thinks the first step to living a healthy lifestyle is having access to fresh produce. He is also a strong believer in pairing a healthy diet with an active lifestyle. Victor operates and manages the Fresh Truck ECommerce platform and works towards improving the reach and experience of using the service. Every day he makes sure online orders are packed and delivered to their respective pickup sites. When he isn’t adjusting to the harsh Boston winters, you can find Victor either at the gym or hiking trails all over the Greater Boston Area.

Gustey Vilme
Program Manager

Gustey passionately agrees with About Fresh’s vision and mission to provide households the opportunity to access and consume healthier foods. As Program Coordinator, she manages community outreach, program volunteers, and leads shopper communications. She also serves as a key liaison between our wide network of community partners and the Fresh Truck team. In her downtime, you can find Gustey working on her new DIY project or hosting a fun and exciting event.

Kyle Doherty
Program Associate

Kyle believes in the power of food to empower individuals, galvanize communities, and bring about a more equitable public health system. As a Market Manager, he brings fresh fruits and vegetables to the doorstep of the neighborhoods in Boston that need them most. If the sun is out, you can find Kyle strolling through the South End. When the weather’s not so nice, he’s probably in the kitchen trying to find new ways to make potatoes delicious.

Anastasia Saldivar-Christilles
Market Manager

Anastasia believes that good food not only nourishes the body but also builds community. They are excited to connect Boston residents with fresh fruits and veggies as one of the Fresh Truck Market Managers. When Anastasia isn’t bussing around fresh produce, they spend their free time making arts and crafts.

Courtney Ignace
Market Manager Lead

Courtney enjoys taking an active role in helping people take care of themselves and their families through food. As a Market Manager, she facilitates customers’ shopping experience and ensures every customer gets top value from their choices. When not on a Fresh Truck she’s painting, building things for her cat, or cooking.

Eva Morrison
Market Manager

Eva believes that everyone deserves easy access to fresh and nutritious food no matter where they live. As an Operations Assistant, they help bring food to the people of Boston at Fresh Truck mobile markets. When they’re not busy slinging produce, Eva loves playing the piano, riding their bike around Boston, and cooking.

Irene Gao
Operations Assistant

Irene envisions food as a foundation for community empowerment as well as a catalyst for systematic change and human connection. As an operations assistant, she enjoys interacting with diverse neighborhoods to provide food access. Beyond work, she likes to learn languages, explore the outdoors, and experiment with recipes and ingredients.

Julian Pan
Market Manager

Having been involved in the field of food justice for nearly eight years, Julian believes that affordable healthy food access gives communities a chance to engage autonomously and intentionally with their food system. Usually driving one of the big green buses, Julian works to empower shoppers with food choices, and make people laugh as a Fresh Truck Market Manager. In his free time he enjoys writing stories, drawing, cooking, and spending time with his good friends. If you see him working, come say "Hello!"!

Gabriela Ramos
Operations Assistant

Gabriela believes that eating good, quality food helps strengthen the body and encourages health. Gabriela works as an Operations Assistant at Fresh Truck. She likes to interact with customers by passing along her knowledge, helping them find what they want, and listening to their comments. Gabriela uses her free time to paint, listen to music, hang out with her friends, and cook the typical food of her country.

Anyleisi Ventura
Operations Assistant

Anyileisi enjoys helping others, and what better way than to help and encourage people to eat healthy and take care of their health and that of their loved ones. When she is not at work, she enjoys making desserts at home, being with her family, playing with her dog and listening to music.

Kassandra Muñoz
Operations Assistant

Kassandra’s passion for quality produce and a healthy work environment stem from a deep seared commitment to personal and communal wellness, as she believes they are integral to a fulfilling and purposeful life. In her free time, you can catch her journaling, playing video games, yoga & especially walking her dog, Danny Phantom.

Gilmar Garcia
Operations Assistant

Gilmar believes that access to heathy food can bring a better world. As an Operations Assistant, Gilmar prepares the trucks for the market and supports customers. In his free time, Gilmar likes to go to the beach and travel to tropical places. He also likes to watch movies with his family.

Board of Directors

Ted Katsiroubas
CEO, Katsiroubas Bros

Ted Katsiroubas is the CEO and 4th generation co‐owner of his family business, Katsiroubas Bros. Ted is fanatical about collaborating with local companies to drive their businesses forward while making more environmentally sustainable business decisions. By working with partners to find out how Katsiroubas can best support them, he pivots and maneuvers company product selection and offers creative solutions to meet their needs. Ted is always willing to lend a hand, offer advice, and help people make connections to further their success. He enjoys giving back to the community, and when he’s not hard at work, Ted spends time with his wife and two children going to concerts and trying new restaurants.

Annika Morgan
Co-Founder, About Fresh

Annika Morgan Co-Founded of About Fresh with Josh Trautwein in 2013. She was responsible for the development of About Fresh programs Fresh Truck and Fresh Connect from the ground up. Annika is a graduate of Northeastern University's D'Amore-McKim School of Business and an advisor to IDEA the university's student-led venture accelerator. The voice behind About Fresh's brand, a well-crafted food pun will always make her laugh.


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