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This week marks one year since Lorrin Van Evra, Development Manager, joined the About Fresh team. In that year, Lorrin has built systems and foundations for our organization to grow its impact + launched our monthly giving community, So Fresh.

We rewind to Lorrin’s 2020 onboarding interview where she talks living in Boston (Spoiler alert: Boston, she thinks you’re cute) + why the best meals are the ones you share with the best people.

Tori Strickland • 1 min read

What are you excited to bring about fresh as work?

LVE: About Fresh has such incredible programs and growth. I think the key to being strong and growing strong is having a great foundation underneath you, so I want to help [About Fresh] grow. I’m an organized person, I love spreadsheets and to-do lists and getting systems in place to build the foundation to take us where we want to go. I’m excited to bring my skills to set us up for that.

What do you love about living + working in Boston?

LVE: What I love most about Boston, I can say, is the food. It has very good seafood, and I’m a big seafood fan! And the city’s “cute factor” like the brick, the way that it looks. It feels like you’re in an old city sometimes. I love the rusticness that Boston has!

What is the food or the meal that makes you smile the biggest?

LVE: I love food so much! I think any meal that I’m sharing with people that make it an enjoyable experience. I’ve had bad food, but the meal itself has been good because of the company!

• • •

Check out Lorrin’s bio, follow About Fresh on Instagram to see more of her story + join Lorrin and our monthly donor community at So Fresh.


Blog / Lorrin’s So Fresh ⚡️

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