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Blog / Why I Give About Fresh.
What we care about, we bring about. In this week’s blog, Victor Matta, Fresh Truck Online Retail Coordinator, shares how caring, and showing up every day, with purpose, brings about deeper community impact. 

Tori Strickland • 2 min read

Growing up, my family was food insecure. We weren’t able to easily get healthy and affordable food. There were grocery stores in the area but, generally, all of them had either a high mark up price on produce or we didn’t have real knowledge of how to use a lot of what was available. I see a lot of my family in the communities that we serve– people trying to feed their families with the most cost effective foods they can find. So as soon as I experienced my first Fresh Truck mobile market, I knew this was the work for me – work with purpose and impact.
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What do you care about?

VM: I’ve always been passionate about supporting people, personally and in the community. I enjoy seeing people succeed and grow. Connecting with people, and seeing the world through different lenses has always kept me grounded.

What does care look like for you?

VM: Showing up every day. I show up every day, figuratively and literally, ready to get my hands dirty, get involved or solve a problem. I feel if I can help in some way, even if it is not inherently my responsibility, I should do so. I try to use my skills and abilities to give my best work in my career and in my life.

What does care look like around you?

VM: People who see the purpose of our mission and get more involved. Like my colleagues, who have recently joined our team, are already looking for ways to develop deeper relationships with our shoppers, and communities. To them, this isn’t just a job but a mission, about more than just selling produce but being intentional about how we connect with the community.

Click here to see the Fresh Truck Online Market.
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Give About Fresh and get more fresh food to communities that need it most.


Blog / Why I Give About Fresh.

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