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So as of now we are 1 week in and 509 miles deep into our trip. Today we decided to be tourists. Meaning we crossed the Canadian boarder, rode a ferry, got a SWEET pic in front of a giant waterfall, and a little soaked along the way (check out these stellar photos we got along the way).


Niagara Falls was a much-needed break after some tough days of riding. Last week was riddled with days of excessive rain, excessive headwinds, and excessive flat tires. Setting out on this trip, we expected to be roughin’ it so these problems have been expected. Although the days have been challenging, we have been surprised by the ease we have experienced each night. On the first night we were welcomed by the most amazing meal of fresh-made pesto pasta, and artisan sausages cooked by some very hospitable beekeepers. The second night a friend’s family cooked us one of the largest Italian meals I have ever eaten…essential for recovery! For nights three and four, we were welcomed by a surprisingly modern farmhouse with all the amenities our hearts could have desired. Night five was the first night of camping, and just like all campgrounds included electricity access, free wifi, and a flat screen television; along with two of the nicest campground hosts we have ever met! Riding on day 6 was extremely tough, and we did not make it to our planned destination, but this was not a problem because the pizza place we ate dinner at was happy to have us camp behind their building (just don’t tell the owner)! And day seven we made it to Buffalo! Where a college friend welcomed us with an air-conditioned apartment and some of the finest wings the city has to offer.

Trekking forward, we know that the nights will quickly become more bare bone, and these sorts of accommodations will become much less frequent; but as of now we want to say Thank You!!! The welcoming arms at the end of each day has been what made it possible to push forward in the next day’s riding. Alright Cleveland, here we come!

Blog / Roughin' it?

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