Week in Review: Fresh, Fit & Fun

Blog / Week in Review: Fresh, Fit & Fun

Thanks to our great friends over at HoodFit, we’re wrapping up a crazy week of programs and Pop-Up Markets here at Fresh Truck. Crazy is a good thing, though…especially when you get the chance to hang with 50 HoodFit Campers!

So here’s where the craziness starts: we hosted three cooking demos for the campers throughout the week. Then they did some shopping on the truck to put together a Meal Kit so they could make what they learned for their families at home! Of course we taught them how to make guac <3

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Campers closed out their week of fun with a field day at Trotter Park in Dorchester, where we hosted our final Pop-Up Market of the week. We got 150 shoppers in the truck, but what’s most important to us is that 150 families were able to leave with fresh food!

Last week was pretty awesome—but it’s just the beginning. Expect to see more HoodFit x Fresh Truck programs and events down the road, in even more Boston neighborhoods. Make sure you check out our Food Fuel Pop-Up Market on September 12th for the HoodFit 5k at the Dimock Health Center in Roxbury!

HoodFit seeks to amplify the positive attributes that has allowed us to grow strong, experience resilience and exercise strategic problem solving. Read more here.

From: Allison Murphy | @alimurphy735

Blog / Week in Review: Fresh, Fit & Fun