A Fresh Few Weeks

Blog / A Fresh Few Weeks

Wow. A few weeks have gone by since our Launch Party and we’re now fresh off hosting our inaugural HUBweek event ‘Innovating the Commonwealth’s Food Economy’ with Commonwealth Kitchen. We’re still having a hard time processing all of the of love and high energy that went into those events. Neither words nor punny thank you’s can express the gratitude we have for everyone who came out and supported us and our community of partners. It means so much to us and to the communities we serve.

Your support over these last months has advanced our mission of driving food, health and community across our neighborhoods all over the city. We’re trading in our dress clothes for flannels and hitting the road to put your support to work, but we still want you to stay connected:

  • If you didn’t get a chance to attend our events you can still show some love by donating to Fresh Truck or our friends at Commonwealth Kitchen
  • Book Fresh Truck for your next community health event or corporate wellness program
    Hit us up to volunteer on the truck
  • Follow our schedule and come buy some fresh food (yes, we’re going to be out all winter)

We mean it when we say our reach across Boston would not be as wide without your continued support and donations. It really does take two to “mango”, what we do just isn’t possible without you. Had to get one pun in there 😉

Tons of love,
The whole Fresh Truck Fam

Blog / A Fresh Few Weeks

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