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From farm to Fresh Connect, Retail Success Manager Mariah Notini discusses her new role, Boston commuting, and why “mom’s spaghetti” makes her smile the biggest.

Tori Strickland • 1 min read

What are you excited to bring to About Fresh’s work?

MN: I grew up in a retail setting. We’ve [family] owned a convenience store in Salem, New Hampshire, my whole life. I’m excited to bring that retail background into the job. Also, I was a farmer’s market manager for a long time and a farmer. So I’m excited that I can continue to connect with that community and bring that knowledge with me and apply it here.  I’m excited to be able to bring farmers closer to their community through the Fresh Connect program. I enjoy connecting with people one-on-one and hope to create deeper relationships that way.

What do you enjoy about living and working in Boston?

MN: Well, I don’t live in Boston. I live in Lowell, but it’s been great working in Boston. I was nervous about the commute because I’ve never had to commute on the train before, but I honestly love it! I love taking the T. I love the time to read and walk through the Commons. It’s beautiful. I love being downtown and feel like I’m finally forming a relationship with the city. I absolutely love food, and there are so many good places to eat!

What is the meal that makes you smile the biggest?

MN: I think of two things. The one that tastes the best and always warms my heart is my mom’s meatballs and red sauce with sausage. On the stove, on a Sunday. It makes me think of fall. It makes me think of my family, and it’s just good home-cooked food. Another meal that will always have a place in my heart, Vic’s chicken pie. Vic’s was a spot in downtown Lowell. They made chicken pies, and that was always a family meal that we’d have that was so tasty.

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