Announcing Adam!

Get to know Adam Shyevitch, About Fresh’s new Chief Program Officer. Adam joined us this November to lead our program strategy and continue to build the About Fresh team for success.

What made you excited to join the About Fresh team?

A powerful vision for social change makes a difference in people’s lives when it inspires excellent implementation and constant learning. About Fresh has that powerful vision, and I’m thrilled to join a team already so dedicated to making that difference, continuing to learn, and doing our best every day for our shoppers and their communities.

Tell us about how you’ve spent your career so far.

I’ve been fortunate to lead and build teams across healthcare delivery, affordable housing development and youth services. Most recently, I was a Principal at Health┬áLeads, a national organization┬áthat partners with communities and health systems to address the systemic causes of health inequity and disease.

What are you excited to get to work on?

I’m excited about it all! The Fresh Truck is a great way to deliver healthy fruit and vegetables to people who need it most, and Fresh Connect promises to deliver an unprecedented connection between personal healthcare goals and community health priorities. We’ve just started tapping the potential of these programs. There is a huge opportunity to expand them to serve more households in more places across the city. The future is really exciting!

What is your favorite food memory?

I’ve got so many! But right now, I’m in the mood for warm, buttered toast with a schmear of sweet halva. Halva is a middle eastern spread made of sesame seeds, sugar, and sometimes a bit of chocolate. Every bite holds happy childhood memories. mmmm. Now I’m hungry!


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