Fresh Box Program Overview

Blog / Fresh Box Program Overview

Since the suspension of our Fresh Truck mobile markets program on March 13th, our team has been focused on developing a new model for food distribution that reduces the risk of further transmission of COVID-19 while increasing food access opportunities citywide.


Fresh Box is a community-based food distribution program developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The program is designed for social distancing, citywide reach across Boston, and cost-efficiency. The goal of Fresh Box is to provide food access for Boston residents throughout the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown and to support local businesses. The program is supported by the Boston Resiliency Fund.

How it works

About Fresh has partnered with Katsiroubas Bros. Produce to leverage their fleet of 65-refrigerated box trucks, 200-person labor force, and their international supply chain network to offer pre-packed ‘Fresh Truck Boxes’ with about a week’s worth of produce to the Boston households least able to access food at this time.


About Fresh has partnered with the City of Boston Office of Food Access, the Age Strong Commission, and a network of community partners to implement this program.


Because our capacity for door-to-door deliveries of Fresh Boxes is limited we are prioritizing deliveries for Boston households that:

-Are homebound either due to illness, disability or quarantine and do not have friends/family that can bring food

-Have been relying on the emergency food system and the food pantry or meal program they visit has been closed

-Have lost their job or part of their income and cannot afford groceries at this time

-Are at high risk for coronavirus and do not have access to a regular food source

If your household meets any of these criteria and you would like to inquire about receiving a Fresh Box please email the Office of Food access at

If your household does not qualify for delivery but remains in need of food resources please see the COVID Food Resource Guide for information about additional food programs available in Boston.


We are recruiting volunteers with vehicles that are willing to support our team’s work to deliver Fresh Boxes. As volunteer opportunities arise, we will email the list with specifics about time, location, and specific volunteer duties.  Sign-up to volunteer here.

For questions about Fresh Box or how you can help please reach out to

Support our work to get critical food to households affected by COVID-19. 



Blog / Fresh Box Program Overview

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