Fresh Truck Launch Re-Freshed

Blog / Fresh Truck Launch Re-Freshed

We’re revving up our engines and hitting the road again—this time with valuable new partnerships, programs and a completely re’freshed’ look! This re-launch will be part of our renewed effort to play a critical role in Boston’s healthcare ecosystem, ensuring all Boston families have access to a reliable source of fresh nutritious food.

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Our work over the last year has built the foundation for Fresh Truck to grow its impact and expand our reach across the city. Our new network of partners positions us to make fresh food an integrated part of community health in Boston and will fundamentally change the way that families shop, cook and eat.’ – Founder and Executive Director Josh Trautwein

Providing access to nutritious food has always been the focus here at Fresh Truck, but it’s only a part of our overall mission as an organization. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has signed on to back us as a community impact partner, providing funding and strategic support within the healthcare sector. Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan has committed funding in addition to supporting community outreach and the pilot of our Vegetable Prescription Program. Nate Solder, offensive tackle with the New England Patriots, is championing Fresh Truck as the newest add to our board of directors. Rounding out all of our big news we’ll be rolling out a new addition to our #freshfleet!

Our retrofitting partner, Building Restoration Services, is hard at work on retrofitting bus two, which will work in partnership with our community health network to host pop-up markets, cooking demos and other food-focused health activities. Our Weekly Market  will begin in October, with ‘Fresh Stops’ in South Boston, Dorchester, Mattapan, Charlestown and East Boston, with more stops to be announced soon.

To celebrate the launch, we are hosting an event at our new base of operations Coppersmith Boston on October 1. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the Fresh Truck team, network with our supporters and hear more about what is next for Boston’s favorite fruit bus. This event is open to the public; tickets are $25 and cover food, drinks supplied by Harpoon Brewery and Coppersmith, live music, and tours of both Fresh Truck buses. More information about the event can be found here.

With all our new partnerships, programs, and a new set of wheels, the Fresh Truck launch promises to be fruitful in every sense of the word!

Blog / Fresh Truck Launch Re-Freshed

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