Meet Our Newest Market Manager: Victor

Blog / Meet Our Newest Market Manager: Victor


This month, we welcomed Victor Matta to the About Fresh team! With the introduction of our newest mobile market, we are excited to grow our team to expand our programming and carry out our mission.


We are excited to have you join the About Fresh family. As a Fresh Truck Market Manager, what are you most excited to do/learn?

To me, the idea of developing these recurring relationships with the people at the different markets is probably the most exciting part. I have only worked for a short amount of time and I already recognize a couple of people and they know me as well. It’s creating and maintaining these relationships where I can see how our service is impacting their lives; that makes me look forward to being a market manager.


A huge part of About Fresh’s focus is access to healthy food. Why is food important to you?

Growing up in Miami in a Latino family, food and the culture involving food is incredibly important to our identity. My parents always tried to cook a homemade meal, regardless of time or financial barriers. Food is something that can bring families together and help people understand their identity and their culture.


What’s your favorite food memory from your childhood?

Easily, my favorite food memory was New Year’s Eve when I was about 15 or 16. It was the last time the entire family was able to get together and each person brought something. We always try to have these massive get togethers for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s with different types of food and drinks from different cultures of my family. It was definitely the best meal I ever had and I got to share it with my family.


This wouldn’t be an About Fresh interview without a fun icebreaker. So…, if you were any fruit/vegetable, what would you be and why?

In terms of any fruit or vegetable, I would be a potato because I am very versatile and like a potato, on the surface  I seem very simple, but at the same time I can be very complex and interesting.

Blog / Meet Our Newest Market Manager: Victor

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