Meet Pamela Hoyt: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Mobile Market’s Name

Blog / Meet Pamela Hoyt: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Mobile Market’s Name

When it comes to the process of naming our mobile markets, we look for people who have had a significant impact on the organization’s life. We had the opportunity to interview Pamela Hoyt, whose been an incredible advocate for Fresh Truck and an outstanding community organizer.


You’ve been involved with Fresh Truck for 4 years now. How did you originally become involved with Fresh Truck?

Well, I was working with Rosie’s Place by Franklin Field at the time. One of my duties was to get folks organized to get on the truck to get their food; I would hand out Fresh Truck cards and make sure five people were on the truck at a time. I started working with Alex (a former employee) and we cliqued very well. When Josh and Annika wanted to make videos for Fresh Truck, Alex and I would work together to gather people for them. I started volunteering after that and this was four years ago.  


We love sharing memories. Do you have a favorite Fresh Truck memory?

One time, one event was when I first met Josh. Him and Alex came down to the senior center by Franklin Field. We were making videos with the produce from the truck: fruit salads. We made an afternoon out of it. Josh got to know the seniors better with this event. They weren’t afraid to go inside and meet folks who were using the truck and have conversations. It was really nice. 


We’re very grateful for the support you’ve given us throughout the years and love your advocacy. What does it mean to you as a community organizer to have Fresh Truck in your neighborhood?

It’s very hard for seniors to get food. I like the idea of Fresh Truck coming to different communities. It makes it easy to buy fruits and vegetables. The truck is very available and makes it so that seniors didn’t have to walk or catch a bus. Everyone who works on the truck gets to know the people in the community and they become one of us.   


As you know, all our mobile markets have names that have a significant meaning. How did you feel when you learned our newest mobile market would be named after you?

I was thrilled! When I received the call from Annika to let me know that I was in the running, I was so excited. When I read the bio Annika wrote about me, I started to cry and I was so touched that they even thought of and asked me. As an organizer, I never knew people cared about the work I was doing. I was so happy that someone appreciated the work that I do. When I looked at the list of five names, I thought it would be hard because I was running against Ayanna Pressley. I shared the news at work and my co-workers also thought it would be hard, but the director of our organization sent out email blasts and it was like an election; it was very fun and it was great. Our organization works with a lot of different organizations, so a lot of people were voting. I sent the voting link to my friend in Denmark, who ended up voting and they sent it to their friends too! When I talked to Josh, he said he didn’t know what I did, but I was winning by a landslide. I am so honored.  

Blog / Meet Pamela Hoyt: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Mobile Market’s Name

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