New stops!

This week Fresh Truck is rolling out two new neighborhood Weekly Market stops at Bowdoin Street Health Center and Orient Heights BHA!

Our Weekly Market program provides consistent access to fresh, affordable food options for neighborhoods that do not have brick and mortar grocery stores. We offer a variety of more than 3O fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food items, all at a great price. We accept cash, credit, and EBT. All of our food is sourced fresh from Katsiroubas Brothers Wholesale or local farms — it is never donated or rescued.

Stop by any of our Weekly Market stops to pick up your groceries for the week!

Bowdoin Street Health Center – 23O Bowdoin Street – Thursdays 12:3O-2:3O
Orient Heights BHA – 38 Vallar Rd – Saturdays 4:OO-6:OO
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