Vote for a New Name for Mobile Market #4

Blog / Vote for a New Name for Mobile Market #4

Our newest mobile market needs a name! We give each Fresh Truck vehicle a name that reflects a person, organization or value that is important to us. We need your help to pick the name for truck #4! Below are the names listed with their description. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite! 



This name embodies what Fresh Truck’s mobile markets represent: support, reliability, unity, happiness, and respect. Amigo means friend in Spanish which is a reflection of the diversity of our community of shoppers and partners. Everyone needs a good friend in their life, especially one that brings you all your fresh favorites. 



Ayanna Pressley is an advocate, policy-maker, activist and survivor. She is a longtime friend of Fresh Truck since her days as a Boston City Councilor. Representing our district as a United States Congresswoman, Ayanna is a champion for the issues that impact Fresh Truck communities. In her Equity Agenda on Health care and Public Health she specifically calls out a need for equitable access to healthy food. 



At Fresh Truck we are lucky enough to know a lot of incredible mamas. Sources of strength, support and nurturing these mamas represent so much of what is important in our lives and work. When we think about what this next mobile market will mean to our communities of shoppers we hope to make our mamas proud.



Pamela Hoyt is everywhere. She is a tireless advocate and community organizer who has been working with Fresh Truck since we started our stop at Franklin Field Apartments 4 years ago. From managing lines to organizing community events Pam drives positive change in the community. If this next bus has half the energy Pam does we will never have to worry about it being out of commission. You can see Pam featured in our ‘Life with Fresh Truck’ video. 



Piña is Spanish for Pineapple. Rough on the outside and sweet on the inside a pineapple is a great metaphor for a mobile market. Throughout history pineapples have also been symbols of friendship, hospitality and welcome. They even come with their own crown. Last year we sold 7,214 pineapples!



Blog / Vote for a New Name for Mobile Market #4

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